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25 Jul 2012
Should children take vitamin supplements? Are vitamins required for children? Can children eat vitamins supplements? How much of a single vitamin should a kid be given? It is well experienced that children do not love vegetables, which are known to be abundant in vitamins and minerals. Does this mean they need vitamin supplements? These are all vital questions that parents regularly seek answers for. Vitamins are, by definition, substances we need for our body to run normally. We must have vitamins for good vision, to grow, to produce bones and connective tissue, to defeat infections, diseases and cancer, to heal scrapes, to stop us from bleeding to death, and to sustain our teeth. So we have established that we need sufficient vitamin intake to be healthy. We have also realised the fact that we cannot synthesise enough vitamins to meet our requirements. We must to obtain them from outside sources, commonly our diet and from medical supplements. Multivitamins are the most effective source for children to receive the nutrients they require in order to grow and develop. An inadequate number of us eat a balanced diet, nor do many of us feed our children a daily balanced diet either. The toils of modern living have made sure we are not home long enough or have ample time to create balanced meals for ourselves and our children. Indeed, a lot of people are eating out most times. Now, this is a vital problem for us as adults, but is even more serious for children still developing. As if the above is not enough to deal with, there are periods in the lives of growing children when they tend to be very pedantic about what they eat; we are all aware of the fast-food trend. In fact, some of them do not even want to eat a thing. One of the challenges of having kids is to ensure their children obtain a balanced diet, but how often does this actually occurr? How about the fact that the highly processed foods of our modern age contain little natural vitamins? What about the fact that even our fruits and vegetables are normally grown using agricultural techniques that reduce the vitamin and mineral contents? Does this not affect our attempts to seek sufficient vitamins from what we consume? All these mean it is vital we give our children multivitamins as supplements to the vitamins they receive in their food.


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