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10 Jul 2012
Zinc Health Advantages Zinc is an important trace element and dietary deficiency can have serious consequences over time. Symptoms of mild insufficiency include diarrhea, poor appetite, impotence, mental lethargy, lesions on the skin and in the eye, postponed sexual development, hair loss, and reduction of the immune system. Zinc has a function to perform in the healing of wounds, cell division, taste, protein and DNA synthesis, and is needed for the function of every enzymes in the body. It aids perfect growth and development from infancy through to adulthood. In the body Zinc is most greatly concentrated in the eye and the prostate gland, where it forms a very essential role in reproductive health and organ maturation. It is important for the production of testosterone. Zinc is also being developed in part as an efficient aid for age-related macular degeneration. Recommended Per Day Dose 11mg for men 8mg for women It is normally advocated that you do not take more than 40mg per day. Zinc intoxification, from very large dosing levels, can cause diarrhea, headaches, cramps, nausea and vomiting. Raised levels can also negatively affect the immune response. Also, excessive levels of zinc can decrease the absorption of copper in the intestines, Also this is why a lot zinc supplements also contain small amounts of copper. There is also the supposition that excessive levels of iron in the diet may lower Zinc 's level of absorbption.


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